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COLUMNS: Cut the Noise

Managing Delhi’s polluted air doesn’t begin or end at banning crop-burning. From Hindu BusinessLine

COLUMNS: Mouthful of Privilege

It is time to reconsider what makes us educated. From Hindu BusinessLIne

COLUMNS: Suffer the Children

What does pushing children tell us about ourselves? From Hindu Business Line.

COLUMNS: Notes from the Jing

Comparing Delhi and Beijing for The Hindu

COLUMNS: I’ll Have Some Civility

A critically under-appreciated virtue right now. From Hindu Business Line

Reviews: One Point Two Billion: Stories

“He had fifteen blue silk ties, each a slightly different shade of cerulean.”
It is a simple little sentence, offset nicely with paragraph breaks above and below. It stands by itself. It conjures up an image of a fastidious man, a professional (in this case, a lawyer), careful – even painstakingly so – about things, including his appearance and image. Perhaps a bit of a narcissist. Is he a narcissist ?

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