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REVIEWS: In Other Rooms, Other Wonders

About the collection of short stories by Pakistani author Daniyal Mueenuddin (Biblio: A Review of Books / February 2009 / [Pdf , 59.3 KB])

REVIEWS: Sea of Poppies

The first book in the Ibis Trilogy by Amitav Ghosh (Time Out Delhi / June 2008 / [Pdf , 992 KB])

REVIEWS: Stranger to History

About Aatish Taseer (Time Out Delhi / April 2009 / [Pdf , 690 KB])

REVIEWS: The Queen’s Necklace

A review of Murzban Shroff’s Breathless in Bombay (Biblio: A Review of Books / March 2008 / [Pdf , 56.8 KB])

REVIEWS: Trickster City

A review of a great collection of writing Click here to go to : BOOKS: Trickster City

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